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What Is an Adventure Kayak?

What Is an Adventure Kayak?
You’ve probably heard of many different types of kayaks.

What Is an Adventure Kayak?
You’ve probably heard of many different types of kayaks. Recreational, inflatable, adventure, whitewater, fishing, and so on. But wait, what is an adventure kayak? How is it different from the others? Simply put, an adventure kayak is well…a kayak for adventure! While we understand that’s a bit of a vague description, let’s dive deeper into the definition of “adventure.” It doesn’t involve paddling around the same calm body of water you visit every weekend, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean launching yourself off a 50-foot waterfall. We’ll put adventure somewhere in the middle. It involves paddling on new waters, exploring new terrain, or adding a challenging element like camping into the mix. It should push you out of your comfort zone a little but still qualify as casual fun. While you may think this type of kayaking is only reserved for advanced paddlers, it’s something that all skill levels can enjoy, including beginners!

What Type of Kayak Is Best for Adventure?
Since you’ll be doing some exploring, you want a long kayak with plenty of stability and room for supplies. If you’re exploring through new waters or navigating the open ocean, a 16-foot boat will slice through the water with ease. For adventure, you don’t want to choose an entry-level model; you’ll want to go with a versatile and high-performance kayak. A long and spacious hull will provide plenty of room for dry storage such as food or camping gear. Adding a spray skirt is a great addition that will keep you dry when the choppy waters and waves come out to play.|

How to Prepare for Your Adventure
If you’re going out for a full-day or multi-day trip, you’ll want to do some pre-planning to make sure you are prepared — so everything goes smoothly, and you can have as much fun as possible. One of the first things to keep in mind is knowing the waters you’re going to be paddling on. You can plan out alternate routes to take if the original path starts getting a little out of your comfort zone. Next thing to keep in mind — you’ll want to plan out the equipment you’re bringing; this may include food, water, maps, camping gear, fishing poles, extra clothing, and rescue equipment. You can plan out the spots you’ll stop at for your lunch breaks and for setting up camp for the night. Don’t forget to let others know about your trip and when you’re expected to return, so they can notify the authorities if you’re not back on time. Remember, whether you’re adventuring alone or with a group, always paddle within your abilities.

When the day is finally here, you want to keep an eye out for weather changes and make a note of all safety warnings. Remember to dress for the water temperature, not the air temperature. Since you likely remembered to pack the obvious gear, we’ll go over some of the recommended accessories you may have forgotten about:
● Water-resistant sunscreen (SPF 30+)
● Chapstick (SPF 15+)
● Bug spray
● First aid kit
● Repair kit
● Matches or a lighter in a dry bag if camping
● Additional snacks to eat in-between meals to keep your energy levels up
● Dry bag for your cell phone, credit cards, etc.
● Permits or licenses if necessary
● Toilet paper or sanitary wipes if camping
● Life jacket - we trust that you remembered this, but we figured we’d add it anyway

Meet the Oru Coast XT
If you’re ready to kick your weekend adventure up a notch, we recommend going with our high-performance Coast XT. We’ve designed it for some serious adventure! For 2021 we gave it some notable upgrades. It features new aluminum cockpit latches and extra-reinforced strap anchor points to make it even more sturdy. The newly designed geometric print pattern allows it to cut through the water and track straight. If you’re planning on turning your outing into a multiple-
day trip, the Coast XT is surprisingly fast, allowing you to quickly travel from one destination to the next. The hull can hold enough gear to last you for days. Even though it’s tough enough to navigate the open ocean and charge through crashing waves, it’s still made from our lightweight material that makes it light enough to carry on your back. This boat is quite similar to our sporty model, the Bay ST, but its added length makes it an incredibly versatile boat that’s ready for your next excursion. Now that you know what an adventure kayak is, it’s time to start
planning your trip and texting your friends! See you out there!

If you’re not quite ready for adventure, each one of our kayaks comes with different specs and features. If you want to compare our complete lineup to determine which one is best for your activity, click the link below: