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Choosing the right Oru Kayak

Which Oru Kayak is right for you?

From Access to Adventure, Oru Kayak offers 5 options. This page is full of information to help you decide. 




We will quickly talk about what make each of the Oru Kayak models unique and why that might be a fit for you. Unlike most product pages, I am going to tell you what each boat is and what each boat is not. In general the Beach is recreational boat designed to make getting on the water more accessible for everyone! The Bay, is the fun and nimble boat that got this whole thing started and does well on Bays and has a closed cockpit. The Coast is designed for longer distances greater carrying capacity.

Let’s start with our bestselling kayak…

The Beach

Is a recreational kayak that is designed to be super easy to setup and use. The large open cockpit (area where you will be sitting) makes getting in and out very easy and allows you to keep things right behind you or between your legs. Example: Keep a small cooler behind you or let your kiddo or puppy ride up front.

Who should buy the Beach?

If you are a person who loves to go to calm waters, float around and explore the shoreline. If you love to look around, chase friends or float through those seemingly unexplored inlets at your favorite lake, you will love the Beach. Or if you want to take a kiddo, a puppy or go fishing. The Beach is the perfect beginner kayak and is a great boat to put your friends in or let the kids splash around in! The Beach is also light weight and fits nicely in the Oru Pack, so for travel and or hiking the beach is a fantastic fit!

The Beach is comfortable, extremely easy to assemble and requires little to no experience to hop in and enjoy.

Who should not buy The Beach?

If you are looking or a boat that you can take into waves or choppy water (including white water) this is not the boat for you. The large open cockpit (like that of most recreational kayaks) allows for great comfort and ease of entry, but it also makes it easier for larger waves to dump in your lap. Unlike our other kayaks, the beach does not have a coaming to fit a skirt like the Bay or Coast.

The Bay Series

The Original Origami Kayak! The Bay is perfect for cruising around and exploring waters or coves. It has a closed cockpit that allows you to put a spray skirt on and take on some rougher waters. The Bay is intended for use in protected waters, but has been taken on some Class III rivers and played in 6 foot waves. NOTE: Those are not recommended use cases, but they demonstrate the durability of the Bay.

The Bay vs Bay+ - Both models are 12 feet long and have the same cockpit, but the Bay+ comes with a day hatch (just behind the cockpit), ratcheting deck buckles to assist in closing the kayak during assembly and a more rigid and taller seatback. If comfort is king, then the Bay+ more suited to you. If you are looking for the original and simplicity, the Bay is probably a better fit.

Who should buy the Bay Series?

If you want a maneuverable boat that is quick and comfortable or if you are looking for a boat that you can learn with, the Bay has enough features that you can begin to take strides forward in your paddling. If you plan on going out on any kind conditions, we recommend a spray skirt and float bags. The skirt will keep water our, but in the event you capsize and can’t roll, the float bags will help make rescues easier. We still recommend that the Bay be used in protected waters. The Bay is a fantastic

Who Should NOT buy the Bay Series?

If you are taller than 6’1.”** People taller than 6’1” absolutely fit in the Bay, but it begins to become uncomfortable for people that tall. If you do not like the idea of sitting IN a kayak. If you have long legs the Coast series had more leg room and the Beach’s open cockpit is easier to get in and out of. If are concerned that the cockpit (16”X 30”) is too small, then the Beach’s open cockpit is a great way to get out on the water without having to worry about that!

**NOTE: Height is used here as an approximate. Leg size and body proportions vary person to person, so if you are concerned that you may not be comfortable your best bet is to sit in and Oru Kayak before buying one. You can rent on at Get Outfitted and the rental will go towards the purchases of your kayak.

The Coast Series

The Coast and Coast+ are our longest kayaks, at 16 feet long and 25” wide, these boats can take you places! Between the Coast and the Coast+, the Coast has the length to get around and makes a great fitness boat or travel companion. It keeps up with traditional non-folding kayaks and handles seas just fine. The Coast+ also has the speed to travel, but also has deck lines and thigh braces for slightly more advanced paddling. The deck lines are a safety feature that is a must in the open water, you will also want to get float bags and other safety gear if you plan on heading out. NOTE: Know your limitations and contact your local kayak shop for instruction before paddling in open water. The Coast+ also has an upgraded seat back and day hatch, like the Bay+. Both of these kayaks are well suited for touring or camping.

Who should buy the Coast?

If you look to camp or go for that long paddle and want to carry some serious gear, the Coast Series is perfect. With a 400 lb capacity and 16 feet long the Coast can take you and your gear to far off places or just get you camping. If you are looking for a workout in the morning, the Coast can give you that! You do not need to be an expert to paddle the Coast, it is very stable and a great boat to learn in!

Who should not buy the Coast?

If you are looking for super simple assembly and just want to poke around in small coves, the Coast, might be too much kayak for the job. Like the Bay, If you do not like the idea of sitting inside a kayak. Thought the Coast series has more leg room than the Bay, if you taller than 6’4,” the Beach’s open cockpit is easier to get in and out of. If are concerned that the cockpit (16”X 30”) is too small, then the Beach’s open cockpit is a great way to get out on the water without having to worry about that!